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How-to-flash-a-hip-roof, diamond roof - hip flashing installation newer video at 1-888-810-7663 A common problem area on home exteriors is the point where the gutter on a single-story roof eave dies into a two-story wall. contributing editor mike guertin demonstrates how he uses redundant layers of flashing and kickout flashing to prevent roof water from slipping behind the gutter, causing damage., how to flash a porch addition. the point where a new porch roof butts up against a wall of the house is a prime place for leaks. the proper way to seal and prevent leaks on this type of seam is by ...., z trim is a fantastically versatile trim. it's one of the more important trims that we're going to use on the sl-16 installation. it can be used to attach the final trim for end walls, side walls, gable trim, and hips, so it's used quite a bit. we're going to focus on the z trim for just a moment.